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April is Defeat Diabetes Month

Posted by Victoria Lamberth on 4/3/2014 to Newsletters
April is the perfect time to raise awareness about diabetes prevention and treatment in your community. The Defeat Diabetes Foundation (DDF) has named April Defeat Diabetes Month.

DDF is on a mission to save families from the pain of diabetes. The first step is creating awareness of the risk factors, warning signs, its high financial costs and complications. The second step is arming individuals with information to make the right lifestyle choices to insure their health and well being each and every day for themselves, their family and their community. The final step is acting on that knowledge and taking a personal pledge to prevent diabetes in your own family.

Likewise, many of the things you need to do to prevent diabetes are also effective for the management of the disease and its various conditions. DDF has put together a calendar of fun daily ideas for diabetes prevention all month. These include screening tests, ideas for physical activities, and even challenging diners to try a new healthy food that they may not have tried before.

For a complete online calendar, please visit www.defeatdiabetes.org.

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