Boston Cream Sheet Cake


What You'll Need:   print this recipe
Yellow Cake Mix
Egg Custard Mix
Chocolate Frosting Mix
8 cups low-fat milk

3 cups warm water

  1. Add low-fat milk to Egg Custard Mix in a stand/counter-top mixer. Mix well until custard is thick and uniform (about 6 minutes).
  2. Prepare cake batter by combining the contents of both packages of Yellow Cake Mix in a stand/counter-top mixer. Add warm water to cake mix. Mix on low speed until water and cake mix combine (about 1 minute). Continue mixing on medium-high for an additional 2-3 minutes. Spread batter evenly in a prepared hotel pan (12"x20").
  3. Insert a plain tip into a pastry bag and fill approximately 3/4 full with custard (refill as needed). Make a grid pattern by first piping custard on top of the cake batter in 4 parallel lines down the long axis of the pan. Then, pipe custard on top in 8 or more lines across the short axis of the pan, crossing over the first lines. (During baking, the cake batter will rise between the lines to form a dimpled surface.)
  4. In a convention oven, use low fan setting and bake at 275°F for 30 minutes or until done. Cool completely.
  5. Prepare Chocolate Frosting according to package directions and spread evenly on cake. Chill until serving time.
Yields: One 12"x20" sheet cake