mini-creamsicle-cakesOur recipe for Mini Creamsicle Cakes makes a sophisticated dessert with the refreshing citrus taste. 

What You'll Need:  
Sunburst Orange Cake Mix
Whipped Topping Mix
3 cups warm water

2 cups chilled orange juice

1 cup chilled water

30 pieces of acetate

Yields: 15 servings
  1. Preheat conventional oven to 350°F or convection oven to 275°F (low fan).

  2. Add warm water to Sunburst Orange Cake Mix. Mix on low speed for 30 seconds, then scrape down sides of bowl. Continue mixing on medium for 2-3 minutes. Spread batter into prepared half sheet pan (12" x 20").

  3. Bake in a conventional oven for 30-35 minutes or in a convection oven 25-30 minutes (or until done). Let cool.

  4. In a separate mixing bowl, add Whipped Topping Mix and stir in chilled orange juice and water. Using whip attachment, mix on low 1 minute. Then, whip on highest speed 5-6 minutes. Cover and chill until ready to use.

  5. Using a small (2-1/2") round cookie cutter, cut 30 circles of Sunburst Orange Cake, dipping cookie cutter in warm water in-between cuts. Reserve left-over cake for Citrus Delight Cheesecake Crumbles.

  6. Cut 30 pieces of acetate into 5" strips and tape each strip into a 2-1/2" circle.

  7. Place 1 circle of cake as a base in bottom of acetate circle and top with 1/4" of Whipped Topping. Then, place another circle cake on top. Using a pastry bag with a decorative tip, pipe additional Whipped Topping on top.

  8. Chill cakes for 1-2 hours until set and gently remove acetate strips. Serve immediately.